The most important phase of your project is getting the product you purchased installed correctly. Dreamstyle prides itself on having on staff some of the best installation teams in our industry. All of our Installation Team Members have been factory trained to assure your products are installed to factory specifications each and every time to assure years of serviceability and ease of operation. You can be assured your product will meet your daily demands.

Here is the process you can expect from our dreamstyle stucco installation team:

  • TRENCHING: We trench around your home, where the soil meets the foundation. This is typically done to a depth of 4” - 6”.
  • TRIMMING: We trim shrubs and bushes where needed to allow our installers access to the areas that will receive stucco.
  • PROTECTION: Our installers will cover all landscaping features, sidewalks and driveways.
  • SURFACE PREP:  We remove all loose stucco to assure a proper starting surface for the new work that will be done.
  • POWER WASHING:  We water-blast all areas with a 5000 p.s.i. water jet to clean the surface and remove any additional stucco and open up all cracks for further treatment.
  • WINDOW PROTECTION: We mask all windows, doors, lighting fixtures and any additional ornamental items that are not removed from your home’s walls.
  • PATCHING: Our team will patch all holes, voids and cracks to level the existing surface for a professional finished appearance.
  • PAINTED SURFACE: We will apply a bonding agent to dissolve your old painted surface to make sure the new color coat adheres properly.
  • REINFORCEMENT: Depending on the existing conditions, and when needed, we will apply a fiberglass reinforced base coat over lath areas and cracks.
  • NETTING/LATH: Depending on your job, we may have to install stucco netting or metal lath to all areas to properly receive the new stucco finish.
  • CAULKING: When needed, all cracks are caulked with an elastomeric caulk to bridge cracks up to 1/8”.
  • SEALER: A waterproof sealer is applied 12” - 16” at the base of the wall.
  • PARAPETS: Our exclusive process totally re-laminates the parapets to assure years of serviceability.

FINISH COAT: We hand trowel the finish coat giving you a sound finished coat for extended life and appearance