Enclose Existing Designs

If you’ve already got an open solid roof patio cover attached to your home and are tired of cleaning up the leaves, fighting the wind, or the weather….we can help. Our wall enclusures help you to reclaim that space, while providing outdoor living, indoors.

We can use our Four Seasons Sunroom wall system to enclose your existing open space patio structure. It is a cost effective approach to creating a sunroom for your home. The process requires little, if any, additonal construction. In most cases, we can utilize your concrete pad which eliminates the need for new foundation. Our design consultant will make a determination of your particular situation.

There are many options available to get the job done. You can have floor to ceiling glass, or utilize a knee wall. The wall will support additonal electrical outlets to further expand your living space. You can choose between fixed or venting windows, or a combination of both. Patio sliding doors, french doors or single swing doors provide you access to your yard. We can even install a pet door to accomidate the needs of your pets.